World Wide Watchers is an organization that brings communities together and helps everyone communicate better with people in your neighborhood so we can have a safer environment. Getting to know your neighbors is an important thing, and you will feel safer with the people you are around most. World Wide Watchers works to protect you in every possible way.

First, to get things started, you need to find your neighborhood.  Go here. If your neighborhood isn’t listed, you will create it here, and become the Captain of your neighborhood if you would like to. Find a way to get in touch with your neighbors so you can tell them about World Wide Watchers. Once your neighborhood has been created for you, click here. You will know when your neighbors have signed up by logging on to your group forum and seeing who has been admitted into your private page.

Your neighbors may communicate more and start block parties. By communicating more, you will know your neighbors better and feel safer when  you see your friends are on the watch. Your neighborhood will become safer with every step you take. Be sure to stay in touch with your neighbors!

If every neighborhood had World Wide Watchers, the whole world could become safer. People could leave their homes not worrying about their property being in any danger.


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